What makes a delicious menu? Is it a variety and range of dishes? Is it a balance of aromas, spices, and colours in the dishes? Is it the sound of words written? Is it pure comfort on any given day or night –food that is satisfying after a hard day’s work or a meal that inspires a great evening. It’s something almost every restauranteur ponders over every year or so, if not at various times throughout the year.

A menu evolves just like a dish or like the restaurant itself. In a way, it grows with the style of the restaurant, or dictates the mood of the restaurant in many cases. It’s an important aspect to factor and is necessary to update periodically. At Naturally Chinese, what was not-so-hot a seller three years ago is now very popular. So even food undergoes fashion trends to some degree.

In Chinese dining, menus usually hold an array of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes –and a large selection as the eating experience is highly social or family oriented involving sharing. One could say that this very aspect informs the menu. In our case, it definitely plays a role in addition to all of the factors above.

Is there a dish that you might like to see on our menu?