The yearly rituals of Spring are vital for us to start the season well. Some of these rituals may be a Spring clean of the house –getting rid of the old and making room for the new. Another ritual might be a spring picnic or get together with friends. As the weather begins to warm up, there is the opportunity to experiment with new foods in season, and sharing these with family and friends form some of the celebrations of Spring.

Spring dining makes for an exciting and fresh feeling of rejuvenation after a long winter. I particularly look forward to this time of the year as it is easier to get most of the friends and family out of the house and out into the garden for a spread of spring feasts. At the restaurant, this time of year gets busy. Springtime dining is one of the most fruitful of seasons as there is an element of ritual tide to it. One where people instinctively know they need to reconnect with others and what better way to do it than over a hearty meal and some fine wines.

I’d like to hear what some of your Springtime rituals might be. And if you choose to book your table with us for a little Springtime dining inspiration this May, try our vibrant greens and hot peppery savours. Also, our chocolate cake and coffee liqueurs which make for a delicious finish to any meal.

Happy Springtime dining!