You can always make room for a little dose of chocolate and coffee heaven. The aromatic influences closely related though different make a stellar combination. One may not expect a Chinese restaurant to serve a chocolate dessert necessarily, however, it makes for an interesting and surprisingly refreshing twist to the array of our dishes on the menu.

We recommend this pairing of our chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream, and a creamy coffee to accompany makes for a dark indulgence on an adventurous evening of dinner at Naturally Chinese. There is something soothing and comforting with the combination of chocolate and coffee. We can all identify with it. It takes us to a place we all know, and in some ways connects us all through its familiarity.

So next time you are dining with us, make sure to try our Chocolate cake. One order can be shared amongst four people, and the sharing really makes it more special. And if you are a coffee fan, ask for our selection of liqueur coffees or just ask for it plain with cream on the top. This is our contribution to decadence of a dining experience.


Bon appetit!