As concern for the environment is growing widely, the need for us all to come together to support and help promote the well being of our planet is very relevant. Naturally Chinese is a supporter of Earth Hour and this will be our third year aiming to spread the word and stand by the WWF organization in its pledge for support. Sometimes it may seem a daunting task to undertake — how do we protect the earth against climate change or what could I, a single individual do? But it begins with the individual. No matter how big or small an undertaking to support, it all adds up to one big movement and together we believe we can help preserve our great home, our beautiful planet.

At Naturally Chinese, changes have been taking place slowly over the last three years. We want to provide value to the community through the food, keeping it additive free, and trying to source as many local ingredients as we can. Most of our waste is recycled. We also wish to provide a restaurant with an environment of ease and simplicity incorporating a natural look and feel to it. We have often been asked why we don’t use table linens at Naturally Chinese. It was a choice made early on when we had scoped out the amount of energy was going to be used in washing and laundering linen as compared to using paper. To conserve this, we had made the decision not to use them from the start. Interestingly, it is beginning to be more common practice in many restaurants lately. Every small change counts because it all adds up in the long run.

We aim to continue to do all we can to support the endeavour to conserve and preserve the environment. On Saturday 24 March 2018 at 8.30pm, Naturally Chinese will switch off its lights for one hour to support WWF’s Earth Hour. We will unite with millions of people, cities, communities and landmarks around the globe in a global visual display of commitment to tackle urgent environmental issues and protect our planet. Join in and switch off your lights at the same time. For more information on this, please visit