There’s an old Chinese proverb that goes…..“The rose has thorns only for those who would gather it.”  I suppose the point of the saying is that roses are the kind of flower that should be admired and enjoyed as they bring us beauty and scent to lift our spirits, inspire us to creativity perhaps and douse us with the possibility of romance.

In China, this time of year introduces the peach blossom that is a sight to behold. It is said that these blossoms are magical as they induce a spirit of romance in the one who catches hold of them as they fall to the ground. On valentine’s day, it is quite common to find couples walking over bridges and through gazebos in the parks to be blessed with the grand wishes of romance. I must admit, there is a certain playfulness and charm about it, even if one avoids the commercialism of valentine’s day.

So how would you spend your Valentine’s Day? Would you bake a sweetheart cake for your loved one, or fill the house with red roses, or would you remember what it was like to be in love and be charmed to let yourself fall in love again? What an endless line of possibilities?

I believe it is a beautiful day to share whether with your love or with friends dear to you. The celebration of love and friendship can never date, which is why we get dressed to the nines for it. Celebrate yours with us at our table where the food is heartwarming and a day of wine and roses is a promise. We are taking early bookings, so do reserve your table early as it does get filled soon. Call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at


Your rose awaits you!