Chinese new year comes in later this year, coinciding with the time of the peach blossom where the air begins to clear and a spring of new flowers bloom to commemorate Valentine’s Day. How opportune the time as a double celebration will take place this year. As tradition continues with the aim of anticipating a new cycle of living and with the best of intentions to make the most of a brand new year to health and abundance, to me this year is about setting goals to not just be of service, but to really hone in on details –those that make a difference.

We’ve been planning a few changes to our menu. The first which is very exciting is the introduction of organic chicken to our dishes. I am particularly looking forward to this change as it is important to us to promote the sustainability of good food. Healthy eating and cooking using good quality ingredients are going to be of paramount importance in 2018. We’re also going to be talking more about our process, whether it be sourcing or preparing our foods. It is with the view to illuminate light on the importance of health in this day and age, and supporting a healthier ecosystem.

We have much to celebrate this year, and so we’re going to be bringing in Chinese New Year in style. You have a whole week to enjoy beginning Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February where roses and wine will be the theme of our celebration. This will be followed by the start of Chinese new year celebration on the 16th of February. Remember that Chinese new year celebrations actually last for 30 days, so you can have a whole month to enjoy the grandness of culinary fancies here at Naturally Chinese.

Make sure you book your Peking Ducks early as they do require time to prepare. This will be our special for new year –succulent tender ducks in a crisp roast with the house made trimmings of julienned vegetables and sauces. And of course, fine wines to accompany.

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See you soon.