Most of January centers around planning. Feeding the mind with positive thoughts for the year ahead and nourishing the body with good food and regular meals. Both these contribute to a healthy start for the year and reinforce our commitment to our goals. As the weather takes a mood of its own, there is less predictability, and so I always feel a little routine helps to keep vibrant and ward off any winter blues away.

My most important meal is an early lunch. You might agree that taking 45 minutes to an hour in the early afternoon can do wonders and set a tone for the second half of the day. This is why I am a big fan of the lunch platter at Naturally Chinese. Lunch should never be too heavy that it bogs you down. It also should contain substantial amount of nutrition to fuel your engine to optimal performance in your work and life.

Our lunch platters are authentic tasting, clean with no added preservatives of MSG. From a Foojian fried rice to a duck noodle soup or home made chicken broths, or a belly of pork served on a bed of Chinese leaves; the tastes are succulent and revitalising. It’s about feeding your spirit with positivity and taking care of your health.

Here are some of our recommendations for that 45 minute lunch break:

  •  mixed roast rice platter
  •  braised tofu and mixed vegetable noodles (broccoli, pack choy, baby corn, chinese leaves, carrots, water chestnuts, black fungus, chinese mushrooms, straw mushrooms, fried tofu and bamboo shoots in gravy on crispy wheat noodles)
  • won-ton noodle soup
  • roast duck noodle soup (bone-in roast duck and chinese vegetables in wheat noodle soup)
  • seafood fried noodles (scallops, squid, king prawns, straw mushrooms, carrots, spring onions and chinese vegetables layered over crispy wheat noodles)
  • fried ho fan noodles with beef in soya sauce (stir fried home made ho fan with sliced beef and beansprouts)
  • fried rice foojian style (egg fried rice topped with asparagus, chinese mushrooms, minced prawns

And there’s still many more to enjoy. For a full list, visit our menu here.

Feed your mind with positive thoughts and feed your body with nutritious lunches. It’s filling, it’s balanced, and delicious!