What could be more lovely at Christmas than a bountiful table, laid with heart warming food, maybe some mulled wine or Prosecco, and decorative crackers and Christmas foliage? With the weather stubbornly dragging its cold wind these days, it’s an opportunity to get creative and festive. It helps to plan a little in advance for the big day of your celebration in the coming weeks. And a step by step process can prove you to be some kind of creative genius of a host. If you’re thinking of adding some sparkle to your own table at home, start with the center — The flower arrangement. Then work from there. Tiny details make all the difference , even if only a few things.

I’ve always loved the use of seasonal flowers and fruit at the dinner table and I also like to make the best of what is available, never going too out of the way. Simple is always best. You’ll be surprised how a few flowers can bring a table to life and even enhance the food and the whole dining experience. If you are celebrating a private party with us this Christmas season, let us know if you’d like any special decor for your table and we will be happy to help and set the mood.

Talk to us of your party plans as we will be getting busier closer to the time. We have a four course menu that will chase the Winter blues away and make your evening memorable. Call us on 020 8399 5533 or email us at hello@naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk to book your bountiful table this Christmas.