Which would you say are the foods that bring you warm comfort in the winter? And how do you cook them, if you do? Perhaps it is the way the dish is prepared or its texture, saltiness, even sweetness, but my favourite foods to look forward to this season are the rich dark vegetables. The vegetable or plant food brings the best comfort in terms of calmness, alertness, and overall well being to the body. But a vegetable on its own doesn’t do the trick, it is what complements it, what balances its taste and aroma.

There are plenty of ways one can enjoy the richness of what vegetables have to offer, without sacrificing their nutritional content. I’ve often found that vegetables cooked at a high temperature but only for a little while make the most impact. A flash fried method is often employed in most of our vegetable dishes. However, some of the other ways to enjoy them are preserving them into hot clay pots and casseroles.

All this talk of warm vegetable gets me excited also about the process of growing one’s own vegetables and fruit. More of that in the posts to come. In the meantime, I would like to wish all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday. May your tables be filled with warm comfort.