There is something strangely compelling about the power of green in our meals. Our bodies seem to miss it when we don’t get enough of it. Naturally green foods have a connection with nature and with us living beings. These foods being high in chlorophyll also facilitate the detoxifying of toxins in our systems and therefore our bodies know when we need a healthy dose of greens, in turn making us very attracted to these plant foods.

Greens can be difficult to chew and consume as they are rich in nutrients and vitamins. At Naturally Chinese we understand the art to eating greens. It is one of our more important dishes that we focus on. There is much pleasure to be derived from eating greens and the expression of how they are modified to tastes only enhance their flavours and keep intact their nutritional value. A hint of garlic, ginger or even oyster sauce peps up the dish making it a treat to relish.

Do try to experiment with your taste palette to cultivate the taste of naturally green food pairings. We have a select variety at Naturally Chinese that we think complement our main dishes. You can select from a range of french beans, kailan (chinese broccoli), choi sum (related to the pak choy family), morning glory (a rustic river grown spinach), and the crown glory – pak choy. All our varieties are darker, leafier greens. They are high in omega 3s which are essential for lowering bad cholesterol and alkalinizing to keep your PH levels healthy.