Here’s our take on what makes a fine chinese food and wine pairing. Try it when you next dine in with us or if you order a take out and see the difference. The flavours of Chinese cuisine are complex and contain a mix of spice, smoked, sweet and sour. Having a complementary wine pairing is not only about the opposites in taste and flavour, but also in aroma and texture of the wine.

For instance, a juicier fruiter wine like our house red pairs well with most of our salty or fried dishes. It is because this wine is not meant to age and the tannins are milder. This in turn brings out the fruity taste in the wine, which makes a most pleasing texture and flavour to ones palette in combination with the salty dish. When a dish is kicked up with the spice, like our Szechuan or chilli dishes, a sweeter lighter wine is always the way to go. The bubbliness and whimsical texture of a Prosecco or Pinot Grigio dilute the pungent ingredient and exemplify the fragrance of the Szechuan aroma.

These are tried and tested and has also been the opinion of many of our diners over the years. Let us know your thoughts and what your favourite wine pairing would look like. To get the best of the dining experience from our cuisine, our wine list offers a world class selection for the starter and seasoned palette.

Chin chin!