Following on from our previous post, we’re coming to take a closer look at what makes the essence of the culture for Naturally Chinese. Through the past couple of years, many of you have left some interesting suggestions on how we can take things to the next level or what you’d like to see added to the whole dining experience at the restaurant.

In a group of various concerns or in this case, restaurants, the complexities are what gives it a niche, and that becomes symbolic for shared values in a team or environment, thereby making it dynamic. Naturally Chinese after its fifth anniversary this year is about to embark on its new and exciting venture –a niche of its kind. We take pride in being the first and only gluten free Chinese restaurant in the UK, approved by Coeliac UK.

If we have this in our favour, it is a result of a shared culture, one that benefits a big group of the community. And also, the hard work of a tireless team that believes in the values of what we set out to achieve. For providing good quality ingredients and food safety is a priority. It is our continuous quest to better our processes and deliver the best Chinese gourmet cuisine has to offer.