Autumn is a time for reflection. Just as the leaves on the trees dry up and shed, it’s also a good time for us to let go of things we cannot control. There is comfort and a freedom to find in this. Every season depicts a mood, and for good reason as a variation brings excitement and well being to us. It’s no wonder why there is a demand for the steaming claypots and sizzling meats in these months. They provide a healing with their ingredients of turmeric, chillies, ginger and woody star anise.

Naturally Chinese has witnessed twenty seasons over the last five years. Yes, it has been a long journey since its inception. We’ve experimented and ventured to try new things, finding our niche under the large umbrella of hospitality, and we’ve defined our culture. This couldn’t be a more perfect time to reflect on all that has been successful and those elements that haven’t worked.

But we couldn’t have done it without your loyalty and support. All the feedback through the last five years has been invaluable, and with a new season, it’s time for a refresh, a time to move forward and develop new possibilities.


Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful time of year.