What makes the essence of Chinese cuisine is what is diverse about it. Chinese cooking can be said to be one of the most complex even if turned out from a wok in a matter of minutes. China has many regions and within it lies a variety in styles of cooking. Some of these we incorporate into the dishes at Naturally Chinese. Some of them have been devised by our chefs placing their own spin to make them unique. However, still keeping with the original ingredients and methods making it naturally Chinese.

China houses eight dominant regions of cuisine. These are Hunan, Sichuan (both of these creating dishes spiced with regional chillies making it internationally well known.) The Fujian and Anhui regions present a mountainous style of cooking with ingredients from the Yellow mountains, and forests. Shanghai, which rests between the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions offer a delicate and sweeter taste of Chinese cuisine. The cooking techniques and ingredients bring about gourmet food with a strong sense of aesthetic. Hong Kong is situated in the Guangzhou region in the south. This presents the Cantonese style of cooking. And the Shandong region in the north explores the taste of salt and sea. Some of the best Chinese seafood dishes come from this region.

It is perhaps easier to understand the diverse palette of Chinese cuisine if you look closer at the regions and their cultural history. Although the Hong Kong region is widely known to the world for its style of cooking, there is so much more to explore from other regions. So next time you’re dining with us and wanting to try something a little adventurous like a spicy dish, chances are it will be from the Hunan or Sichuan region.