Sometimes a plate of succulent ribs and a cool beer just hits the spot, especially on a sunny sweltering day like today. We’re in the middle of June and it looks like Summer has settled in. And if it has crossed your mind to feast on a summer favourite such as ribs — The chefs at Naturally Chinese have worked three different styles of ribs on the menu. The idea is small plates as appetizers or even a tapas style dining experience. Ribs in Capital Sauce is a dish or spare ribs in a fruity plum sauce. This Cantonese style of cooking ribs is very popular and you can find ribs in honey sauce, ribs in capital sauce and pan fried ribs in the Appetizers section of the menu. Spare ribs and ribs in honey sauce can be found in the gluten free menu.

The next time you dine with us, and you’re not sure what to order, try a tapas of sorts. We have various small plates that can leave you just as fulfilled and may open your experience of Chinese dining and cuisine in a way you hadn’t before. Chinese cuisine though complex is favourable to most taste palettes and who would have thought a plate of ribs in Capital sauce and a beer might just be an old favourite!

Father’s Day is this weekend, so make sure you’ve booked your table in advance. Call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at, and we’ll be happy to make a reservation for you.


Have a Happy Father’s Day weekend!