A delicious home comforting dish that includes cooked vegetables, mushrooms and tofu. It’s often known as a cleansing dish to calm the spirit and nourish the body when on a detox. Because of its lightness and varied flavours, it makes  a perfect dish for Spring and Summer. It’s also one of the most popular Chinese vegetarian dishes.

By the nature of it being a dish symbolizing purification and renewal, Buddha’s Delight is often cooked at the start of the new year. It is also cooked in monasteries with wholesome ingredients like Pak choi, Bean sprouts, lotus root, snow peas, gingko nuts, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. These ingredients typically exotic and native to Chinese cuisine give this dish its unique quality.

At Naturally Chinese, we use bean curd, chinese mushrooms, bamboo shoots and spring onions. All these come together in a delicate sauce so that the taste of the vegetables can be enjoyed and appreciated to best of its flavour.

Remember that we still have vouchers available till the end of May for the Vietnamese set lunch. All proceeds will go directly to a charitable cause, to help needy families in North Vietnam. For more information, click here.