Through our special event at the Surbiton Food Festival, we aim to raise £5000. We know this is an attainable amount with your help and support. There is a mutual trust and sense of responsibility that we hold high in this regard. We feel a strong responsibility that the money raised is donated to this cause. Which is why in 2015, after the success of the Charity dinner we hosted with your help, we personally went to Vietnam with our own resources to allocate each and every penny raised to the families.

A little goes a long way and every bit counts. In the last two years, the money has gone directly to helping these poor families become self sufficient as much as possible. For instance, putting a new roof for a family, purchasing a sow to bear piglets, buying them a chicken whose eggs can be used for food, socks and school books for children. Also distributing lunch and dinner vouchers at the hospitals for those who travel from rural areas to seek medical help for their family members. These people most of the time don’t have a place to stay or food to eat.

The purpose and aim of our money is to help those that aren’t usually high priority cases; the ones who don’t get on the list of those who need help. They are the more hidden cases that don’t feature in the press.


Thank you again for your support for this cause.


Come visit us on Saturday, 13th of May, 2017 at the Surbiton Village Fete in St. Andrew’s Square.