On a trip to Vietnam a few years ago, I remember sitting at a street side café after the scorching heat at left me longing for a Vietnamese iced coffee. What is a Vietnamese iced coffee and what makes it essentially Vietnamese? Many countries in Asia have a similar preparation but Vietnam has its own signature concoction. Sweetened with condensed milk, a shot of strong espresso on the rocks worked like a charm on this particular hot day.

And as I sat there pondering what to do next, an abundant platter of Bun Cha seemed the most appetizing in the moment. This is a mix of Vietnamese vermicelli rice noodles that are garnished with salad and herbs, and a flavorful vinaigrette to add great taste to the dish. I felt rejuvenated, taken care of and comforted. It was in that moment that I got a glimpse of the essence of Vietnam. I got a glimpse back again into my heritage.

It is something to cherish –the connection made through food. This is why I decided to create a special set lunch event for the Surbiton Food Festival this month of May. Treat yourself or a friend to a food adventure of Bun Cha Nem with Vietnamese Iced Coffee. For £15, you will get to have that same experience I had on the street café in Vietnam. And, it will be for a good cause this time as all the proceeds from these set lunch vouchers will go directly to help needy families in North Vietnam.

**Vouchers will be available at the restaurant all through May, and at the Surbiton Village Fete in St. Andrew’s Square on 13th of May, 2017.

To redeem this voucher, please present it at Naturally Chinese Restaurant.

Dine in or take out.

This meal is available Mon/ Weds/ Thurs/ Fri

12 – 2:30pm.

Valid 1st – 31st May, 2017

Naturally Chinese will be hosting a food stall for one day only at the Surbiton Village Fete on Saturday, 13th of May, 2017. 


Thank you again for your support.