Mother’s Day brings us the rush of Spring. With the clocks springing forward literally, it’s now official. Spring is here! If you’re like me celebrating the wonderful time for blossoms in the garden and seasonal produce, it truly is one of the best times of the year to relish. The following weeks to come, we will be featuring some of our top Spring dishes –set menus (regular and gluten free) that will bring lightness in your step. Certain foods bring benefits to complement our mood in accordance with the season. If you’ve never tried some of these lighter dishes on our menu, they might just surprise you.

Soups are a big part of Chinese cuisine. They bring comfort and uplift after a hard day’s work, and throughout the year. A hearty bowl of soup is highly encouraged with a start to a meal as it delights the appetite as it has its part to play in the sequence of eating. We have some very heart warming broths for the winter months. We also have lighter soups that calm and soothe the bustling of Spring — like our sweet corn water chestnut soup and vegan tofu and vegetables. Corn, bamboo shoots, carrots, and greens come together to nourish. Aside from our dim sum, there are dishes on the menu that can equally fulfill a balance of the gourmet Chinese food experience.

Our gluten free menus also follow the same ethos — lighter dishes to complement Spring. You can choose from vegetarian lettuce wraps or a plate of scallops served with asparagus. Pair it with a glass or white wine or an elderflower spritzer and you’ll feel the essence of Spring!