Embracing a gluten free diet is about making a lifestyle change –one based either out of necessity to not be ill from eating gluten, or the cutting out of gluten from ones eating habits and diet. The popularity of gluten free eating has been growing due to the awareness and consciousness of our bodies, our health and desire to stay vital. The taste of gluten free foods and dishes is evolving in a sophisticated way thereby making it very appealing and appetising to the taste buds.

The goal at Naturally Chinese when we decided to serve gluten free food was to never let anyone feel left out, that everyone would have the experience of eating delicious and healthy food without feeling worried about consequences of cross contamination with gluten. After careful trial and testing, we’ve achieved what we set out to do.

It’s now a pleasure to have a full dedicated menu that presents an array of flavours and the taste of gluten free cooking. In addition to being accredited by Coeliac UK, Naturally Chinese is now a member of Coeliac.org.uk , an organization that offers a number of tips, information, recipes and much more support — their motto being to live well gluten free.