Natural flavourings are what we promote at Naturally Chinese. For a few years now, our Chefs have concocted their own chill oils made in house. These have been a popular favourite with many or our dishes on the menu. A particular complement has been to the raw salad that we offer as a part of a detox and cleansing. Our goal is to have for every dish a transparency and clarity of ingredients.

In Asian cuisine, very often the range of vegetables runs between a variety of colours, textures and tastes. This is to bring balance of sweet, bitter, astringent and sour. The smooth, salty and spicy are added by way of spices, salts and oils. A sprinkle of seeds such as sesame are a common practice. In designing our menu, the pairing of all these factors have been paramount in creating the dishes. And even though most of them are traditional favourites or simple foods, natural flavourings make all the difference.

From a pak choi doused in garlic sauce, or a chicken dish sprinkled with cashews, to a stewed bellypork with preserved vegetables, they all come to you with the most natural flavourings to enhance and appeal to all senses.