Taro dumplings are a very special kind of appetizer in Chinese dim sum. It’s hugely popular in Hong Kong, sometimes offered as a pastry because of it’s somewhat sweet taste. The crispiness of the shell is like biting into a pastry of sorts. I’ve always been fascinated by this dish because of the way it is cooked and how each piece is a unique delectable piece of art in itself.

At Naturally Chinese, our pastry chef dexterously achieves the tall flecks of pastry, which is what makes this food so coveted in Chinese dim sum. The trick he says is to have the pan at a high temperature just as it is about to flash fry. The preparation beforehand is also crucial to keeping the morcel in perfect shape without crumbling or disfiguring.

Taro is a nutritious root vegetable that can be mashed like celeriac or potato. It is what forms the outer shell pastry of these delicious dumplings. Next time you’re dining in, try some taro dumplings to start with your meal. It won’t disappoint. Pair it with our prawn and chive dumping and a light Pinot Grigio to bring out the flavour.


Bon appetit!