With only a couple of days to Chinese new year, a few tasks remain to be completed for the arrival of the year of the Rooster. The week leading up to Chinese New Year is bustling with preparations in most Chinese families’ household. It begins with a deep clean of the house to make room for good fortune to enter. Every nook and cranny is emptied of anything redundant. All the rubbish discarded. If there is an altar, a thorough clean and adorning fresh flowers on it is customary.

This is followed with decorations of red calligraphy denoting various good wishes to all those who enter the house. This is to wish everyone good health as they pass in and out through the doors. Some say happiness. Some say prosperity. There are different ones. Everything that you do flows to your wishes. No matter what life’s obstacles, this time is special and a chance to start fresh on a clean slate. Any conflicts with relatives or friends are put away so as to partake in a common new year sharing.

Our celebration at Naturally Chinese will start the Friday, 27th of January and will continue till next Sunday, 5th of February. Partake in this special piece of Chinese tradition and culture with a tossing of the taste by four seasons salad and longevity noodles. Red envelopes with a little fortune wait to be plucked from the money tree. Here’s to new beginnings! Call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at hello@naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk to reserve your table.

Happy New Year.