Much of Chinese cooking is centered around garlic. Infact, the two sister ingredients – garlic and ginger are complementary in that if ginger provides the zing of vitality, then the garlic’s potency provides for power and energy. Garlic’s curative powers are well known in most cuisines. When cooked it also enhances the flavour of the dish making it more satisfying and delicious.

At Naturally Chinese, whether we use whole, chopped, sliced or crushed garlic in our dishes, it is important to understand how much to use for each particular recipe. Our Chilli Szechuan king prawns incorporates the whole cooked garlic pieces to complete the dish. Though the dish is spicy, the garlic adds another dimension to the flavour. It’s no wonder this is a dish that is popular in Chinese cooking.

In addition to the fantastic taste option, garlic has significant health benefits. Great to ward off common colds, it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. And if you didn’t know this already, garlic is good for your heart. But everything in moderation is a key point to note. For the most part, garlic’s aroma is a signature in most Chinese cooking making it fulfilling and comforting.