January presents an opportunity for us to reflect on  our goals for the coming months. Soon the weather will change and we will be able to do more, see more, even grow more. One of my goals that is very important to me is to be part of a movement that promotes eating sustainable foods. At Naturally Chinese, we’ve been taking steps and doing our best to move towards buying local foods, and that have as little a carbon footprint as possible.

The need for us to take responsibility of our food and where it comes from is more crucial today than ever. Last year, I visited Asia to see how farmers grow their crops. I also visit farms in this country regularly to learn and understand what goes into our foods. It was a reaffirming testament to me that growing one’s own food is a small step to contribute to the larger goal – that of eating sustainable foods.

A plate of delicious looking food has a story behind it. Where the vegetables were grown, where the meat came from. Knowing where our food comes from means we take part and the experience of eating becomes more enjoyable.

Let us know your thoughts on buying local or growing your own food.