The light is one of the most beautiful this time of the year (barring the dark gloomy days that we can have in the UK). Autumn calls upon a time to reflect on the year gone by and the one that is to come. The months leading upto christmas in the autumnal season are some of my favourite as they are usually the best time to plan for a new year ahead. It’s a good time to get creative not feeling the pressure of the new year……yet.

For those days when the air is crisp with a whisper of winter coming, a soup or broth will keep your heart warm. At Naturally Chinese, our popular soup for this season is a choice of

Prawn wanton soup with noodles 

Mustard greens with salted egg and pork

Spinach and goji berry broth.

All three of these soup/ broths are good enough for two but can be enjoyed by one with a big appetite. All the greens in these soups co-ordinate with the respective dish to complement the flavour. The richness and vitality of each of these bitter greens cannot be denied. They are nutritious and fortifying especially in the colder months.

And, as one of our favourite tips for the Autumn season remains -the power of ginger. Keep a bit of ginger root in your kitchen to infuse with homemade broths and soup. This makes an excellent ingredient to ward off sniffles and the winter blues.


Stay warm and healthy!