Rice is probably one of the foremost foods to cater to anyone who is Coeliac. Interestingly enough, rice has the power to also satisfy hunger and sustain for a longer period of time. In Chinese tradition, rice lies at the heart of all meals. When we decided to have gluten free Chinese food on the menu, the choice wasn’t hard although it is a combined and involved effort to make sure a smooth process is followed. But it also gave us a clear sense of why additives and MSG were not necessary in our cooking.

With a little extra diligence and knowledge, our team has adapted to a new way of serving Chinese food. It is of course an option when one comes to dine at Naturally Chinese, as some would prefer wheat in their diet. But the choice of having a gluten free and non gluten free menu is achievable. If ever Chinese food could be unimagined as gluten free, it can exist. As our motto continues, that no one should need to feel left out of the party because of a dietary requirement. Everyone can enjoy and come together through food.

The dish above is the pan fried sea bass (can be ordered in half or whole), in a delicious sauce and vegetables. It’s 100% gluten free.