What is it about a rice bowl? Steamy or crispy, mixed with other ingredients or served by itself, the wonders of a rice bowl never cease to amaze me. It’s been the healer of all dishes for me ever since I was a child. It always make me feel better.

In Asian countries, rice is a staple food. It contains the essential level of carbohydrates for the body to function. To think that there would be no rice available would be disastrous.

The key lies in how to enjoy your basic rice dish with a variety of condiments and colours. At Naturally Chinese, rice goes with almost any dish but comes highly recommended with all our claypots and curried sauces. And for a hearty wholesome dinner, do try our steamed or pan-fried Sea bass with a steamy bowl of rice. One of the most simple food delicacies life has to offer is that of fish and rice in perfect unison of delicate sauces and spices.

What’s you favourite rice bowl pairing?