One of things on my agenda is trying to cultivate more of an organic approach to growing my own vegetables. On a recent trip to Japan, I visited a nature farming plot that implemented some innovative techniques. It’s becoming trendy to take on a plot of land to grow one’s own produce, even if just for the basic salad leaves, tomatoes, potatoes and the like. With small baby steps to achieve this, the process can be one of the most rewarding.

In the hustle and bustle of the cities we live in today, our curiosity about food and its origins are dropped down on the list due to other more pressing matters. We rarely know where our food comes from. And though the steps required to undertake growing our own vegetables can be an arduous task initially, one might find that it definitely brings us more in touch with nature.

Organizations like the Royal Horticultural Society provide some useful tips on growing your own vegetables. As well as other forums online that provide a community of people who enjoy the process of nature farming. I’ll be writing more about any tips or useful findings on my quest to growing my own. Please stay tuned.