It’s the first of May and what a beautiful afternoon it’s been today with the gift of warmth and sunshine. Good to see everyone taking advantage of the sun. Hopefully we’ve commenced the season of brighter days. With Surbiton Food Festival having just begun, there’s plenty to look forward to for the couple of weeks ahead.

Speaking of May day and this particular celebration for the working man and woman, on a recent trip to Japan, I was struck by the sense of commitment and solidarity in the work place. I visited a farm that practised nature farming in the South of Japan. Here many women worked on a farm and tended to the soil with a great amount of energy and heart. Inspired by this, I take from them the notion that it is a gift to be able to work and to utilise one’s skills to contribute to the community in some way no matter how big or small. They also understood the importance of working together and not in isolation. This promotes a sense of well being and growth, and eventually happiness and job satisfaction.

And so we at Naturally Chinese continue on our journey, trying to embrace a culture of working together to contribute in the best way we can. We hope our food speaks of the work we put in to bring you the best dining experience on any given day.

Happy May Day everyone!