It’s time again for relishing those long afternoon lunches, the kind we like to enjoy whilst admiring the Spring blossoms. With a mixed bag of weather surprises we’ve been having, there’s still always a reason to gather with friends, feel invigorated by long walks and try to make the best even on a cloudy afternoon. All these tie in nicely with a delicious meal to complement your outing. A fancy pick me up in the form of dim sum might just be what you need to add to your “To Do List”.

Steaming baskets of buns and dumplings made fresh in house. Brought to your table accompanied by rejuvenating jasmine tea can make a world of difference to a cold Spring day. And in addition, with our new gluten free dim sum menu, those with a Coeliac preference can also join in the party and not feel left out. Naturally Chinese is the first and only gluten free Chinese restaurant in the UK. So you can feel assured in all your food selections from our menu.

Like the tea houses back in the day that would provide comfort through heart warming tea and small bites to fuel the body from tiredness, we’ve created an array of dim sum choices to touch the heart – bite sized so you never feel over stuffed but wanting to try more of its tastes and variety. We always recommend reservations but a drop in for afternoon dim sum is not an unusual norm.