My new twist on bread and butter is now that of prawn toast. Usually found as little triangular toasts seasoned in shrimp paste, deep fried and sprinkled with sesame seeds. But today, our chef prepared his version using french baguette, making it light, fluffy, golden and crispy to bite. What a ravishing toasty delight and easy to prepare too. This dish could very well be a relative to french toast but as there is no cream or milk, it makes a savoury delight. Prawn toast is originally a Cantonese creation from the Guangzhou region in China. It has made its way to many regions in the world these days.

A treat that can be eaten any time of day, as an appetizer to a meal or just a snack when hungry; prawn toast or shrimp toast as called in some countries can be baked or deep fried depending on personal preference. It can also seasoned to a spicier toast with chillies and hot sauces, or a sweetened version using plum sauces for dipping.

So next time you are dining in at Naturally Chinese, try our classic sesame prawn toasts. Comes on a plate with four pieces you can share, it will definitely add pep to your party!