If you haven’t tried our Smoked Beechwood Chicken, this could become your new favourite at Naturally Chinese. With Springtime already here, you may want to try a few new adventurous dishes on the menu when you are in next. These dishes are bound to put some pep in your step and rev up your appetite. Whether you choose spare ribs in honey sauce, deep fried squid or the shredded chicken smoked with beechwood, you will be in for a treat. These delicious chicken finger nuggets hold a smoky citrus flavour, tousled with chili, salt and green onions, they pack a good bit of Ka-pow in a bite.

A spin on the quintessential chicken strips, it is simply cooked to perfection in a  beechwood like oven sealing the flavour and tang that is particular to this dish. This is our version of what one might find in a BBQ smokehouse. Can be shared by two or if you have a good appetite, also perfect for one. Couple this with a beer or a cool elderflower drink and it will make a great starter to the rest of your dinner. It is certainly one of our more popular dishes and some of our regulars come over especially for this.

Also, it is a favourite amongst our coeliac customers. It’s gluten free and so one can enjoy it without reservations. It pairs very well with our gluten free beers. Make the best of these Springtime days adding these delicious appetizers to your meal!