Mothering Sunday to me denotes a distinct change in season. Spring takes over on Mother’s day in my mind. I see the flowers blooming, blue skies, the sun shining (even if it isn’t). This is perhaps because as a mother myself, the joy follows when my children come home to spend the weekend with me. I like to see the whole weekend as a treat to relax and gather some much needed family time.

I realize from the last three years of celebrating Mother’s Day at Naturally Chinese that many of you like to celebrate an afternoon lunch or afternoon dim sum tea. Mother’s Day is one of the more special events of the year, as I mentioned, it marks the change into the Spring Season. As you might be familiar already, we do love to celebrate Mother’s Day with the Peking Duck. A delightful dish that sets an auspicious tone to the occasion. No other meat holds as delectable as the duck served with pancakes and julienned vegetables, graced with a succulent plum glaze sauce make in house. To know more about how the Peking Duck is prepared, please click here. If this is an experience you might fancy to treat your mum to, please book your table early as Peking Duck requires advance notice. Mothering Sunday falls on Sunday, March 6th this year.

We will host two sittings: 12pm & 2pm.

Upto 4 people can be seated at 1:45pm and 5 or more people will be seated at 2pm. 

Whatever your plans for mum may be, what matters more are the words she’ll look forward to hear: Thank you and love you mum.