Welcome to the Year of The Monkey.

In Chinese culture, there is no bigger festival to speak of than this momentous occasion. As a child I remember the excitement when it was time to literally sweep out the old to make room for fresh and new things. We’d clean our rooms and help in the kitchen to prepare for the week of culinary delights. To this day I incorporate this value, and it helps me clear my head and set out new goals to achieve for the coming year.

Today we begin or week long celebration. We will be hosting the tossing of the raw salad ritual. For those of you who are curious; come partake in this cultural experience with us. Raw vegetables and fruit are tossed to signify abundance, prosperity and health. The higher you toss the salad, the more we believe that our wishes will come true. The tradition has been kept alive through the years with picking the red envelopes after from the money tree. This denotes prosperity and success for the coming year.

As playful and lively as the Monkey, we aim to bring to Naturally Chinese a new year to remember. Book your table early by emailing us at hello@naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk or calling us at 020 8399 5533. Our celebrations continues till 10pm on 14th February (Yes, double reason to celebrate as we end on a sweet note of Valentine’s Day). Look forward to making our wishes at the table with you.

Happy New Year!