My passion for flower arrangement has stayed with me through the years. It has also become an important part of Naturally Chinese’s brand development because it is an extension of our services and the whole experience we offer.

Ikebana – the art of arranging flowers is more than just that. It is less about putting flowers in a vase as it is more a way of living and experiencing a connection with nature.

You might have also noticed that at Naturally Chinese, our flower arrangements are never uniform, but asymmetrical and less elaborate. This is truer to Ikebana. The idea of taking plants that are unassuming, even slightly withering and setting them against a couple of roses rather than a dozen brings the whole arrangement alive in an interesting way. It also complements our ethos in bringing you the authenticity in our cooking.

At Naturally Chinese, many of our staff also use Ikebana with the table centerpieces. Sometimes they are more elaborate arrangements and some are simpler. The idea is that all arrangements are special if done with patience, care and attention.  A plant or flower setting may be a small addition to the whole dining experience at Naturally Chinese. It has however become crucial to its identity. For its worth, it enlivens the mind, spirit, and appeals to our senses.