The New year brings new changes, and we are making some on our menu. Very excited to introduce these. Nothing too drastic, just a bit of a revamp. On our quest to cater fully to our Coeliac community, we now have two gluten free beers to choose from. We sampled them to our customers yesterday at dinner, and although one had more popularity than the other, I am going to include both.

The two beers are brewed locally in Kent at the Westerham brewery. The thought of it being local and not having to travel too far to get here is a satisfying bonus. The first bottle named British Bulldog is a more golden brown with a scent of honey oak which is a thirst quenching complement to any of our dishes here at Naturally Chinese. The other, Bohemian Rhapsody carries a lighter yet more bitter taste. It is also paler in colour. For more information on the Westerham brewery, please visit their website here. The Bulldog was voted more favourable, but I will let you be the judge.

Whether you are gluten intolerant or not, this beer tastes just the same as a regular beer. It is certainly worth a try on your next visit. And for our Coeliac customers, you now have an addition to complement your favourite dishes.