Year Of The Monkey 2016:

We’re following on into Chinese New Year beginning February 7th 12pm. We will be taking the celebration to the entire week until February 14th 10pm. Yes, much to celebrate as we will also finish on a lovely note of Valentine’s Day.

For the week of festivities, we have our special Longevity Noodles on the menu. You will also have the opportunity to put your chopsticks together with friends and family to perform the auspicious salad tossing. Not just any salad, but one signifying abundance and life. This raw fish salad known as Yu Sheng is a specialty prepared by the Cantonese Chinese to welcome the New Year.

Yu (鱼) means “fish,” one of the main ingredients in the otherwise vegetarian dish. Yu is also a homonym for “abundance”(余),

Sheng (生) means “life”. The salad has vegetables in different colours, chopped finely tossed along with candied fruit peel, nut, seeds, oils and sauces.


Lo Hay (撈起) means tossing of the salad.

After this ritual of the tossing has taken place, everyone will get to pick up a red envelope tied to a tree or plant. The envelope, containing money signifies good luck and prosperity for the coming year. So make a date with us and partake in this cultural experience at Naturally Chinese. We look forward to celebrating with you.

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