Welcome to the new year at Naturally Chinese! Over a week into 2016, and I’m thinking of all the things on my list to get done, even those resolutions. The holiday came and went too soon, I’m sure you can agree. Very early signs of Spring are already showing – small daffodil bulbs sprouting in the garden and the days are beginning to get brighter. I’m sure there might be a few other signs you will have noticed. Time is certainly passing us by in our digital age, which can be a challenge to keep up.

We’re already beginning our preparations for Chinese New Year which is on 8th of February 2016, denoting ‘The Year Of The Monkey’. With about a month left to commemorate this big celebration, I imagine it might be another opportunity to start a new – thereby maximising the time for renewal and resolutions. We’ll be bringing something special for Chinese New Year (more updates coming soon in the following weeks).

In the meantime, keep warm and happy. Our door is open everyday except Tuesdays to provide you with comfort and inspiration through good food and wine.  Here’s looking to a year of  infinite possibilities in 2016, working with the challenges of time and swift changing seasons!