With Christmas comes the desire to feel young like a child – mesmerized by the magic of the winter wonderland. There are many luxuries life has to offer us and of course it’s all matter of perspective how we choose to find them. The small luxuries make life’s journey light and fun – a card from a colleague, a flower from someone special, even a box of home-made sweets we receive from a friend, and just like that, we feel loved and cared for.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, longer hours of work, I’ve had to work harder at making time for that little luxury – to make my Christmas sparkle, whether it be going to dinner with a friend, or creating a flower arrangement for my mother, maybe even just enjoying a hot chocolate during a work break. Appreciating those treasured moments does make the small things feel like a luxury.

We want to make christmas special for you. I had thought about creating a space at Naturally Chinese where you will feel replenished, rejuvenated and take home some of that Christmas magic. In our style of simplicity and healing, we look forward to offer you that spirit of good cheer and happiness – the kind that will hopefully leave you with good moments to cherish. We wish you sparkle and happiness this season.

Have a luxurious Christmas 2015!