With the weather turning almost an icy cold after dark, there is a longing for those winter warming dishes. Delicious comfort to get the spirits up and light some sparkle to the eyes, bringing warmth to the body. For those who enjoy a hearty bit of pork, this Chinese braised pork belly concoction is worthy of a meal for one, not on account of the portion, but because after one bite, you will want this steamy hot pot all to yourself. And it has been common practice for patrons to mop up all those succulent juices that make this dish special.

What makes our version distinct is the dark, rich gravy with hints of star anise and ginger – braised and stewed for hours with the pork to achieve perfect balance of flavour. Five spices delicately infused with patience and care, it makes an ideal dish to order at Naturally Chinese during the winter season.

The cold can be demanding on the body, consuming energy that we desperately need for work and play. The lack of sunshine can be dreary and therefore we need to find ways to keep the spirits up. Healthy and fortifying food brings pleasure to the heart. And a little pleasure can go a long way in these grey months.

Stay warm and cosy!