Cool, refreshing and cleansing are some of the instant benefits of a raw salad. Then there’s colour that is appealing to the eyes and good to lift up the spirits. At Naturally Chinese, we don’t keep a special section for salad. But we offer our raw salad as a light palette cleanser; a complement to some of our heavier dishes.

An order of raw salad adds a bit of vitality along with a hearty dish of meat or chicken, or even dim sum. If a side dish of vegetable doesn’t strike your fancy, the raw salad will rejuvenate with its strips of jewel reds, yellow and shades of green (a mix of peppers, cucumbers, mango, celery and carrots). We add a light dressing with a slight hint of spice and citrus to keep things interesting.

I often snack on the raw salad before the busy hours at the restaurant. It does wonders to my energy levels, keeping them up and feeling light at the same time. Also provides a bit of hydration to the skin that can feel parched after a long day of work. A little certainly goes a long way and a few bites of colourful vegetables can invigorate the mind as well.