The chill is in the air. Leaves are turning to red and gold. Autumn is here again. Some of us are adjusting our bodies to the change of season overcoming the common cold and flu. This is usually the time we crave to have that hot chocolate or comforting soup. One of the better remedies for the Autumnal blues is a bowl of hearty soup to warm the heart and provide nutrition. An important tip to remember is that in the winter hot foods provide heat and cold foods take away the heat from your body. A salad therefore is good but served at room temperature.

One of our heart warming broths is the prawn wonton soup with noodles. A balance of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins whilst also providing you with comfort. This soup is good enough for two but if you prefer, it could satisfy as a meal for one. Whether you choose to dine in with us or take a bowl of soup to enjoy at home, a good soup will always provide you with the fortification you need, especially during the colder months.

A quick tip for the coming winter season -keep a sizable root of ginger in the kitchen. It does wonders to ward off colds and the blues! Grate to infuse into your homemade soups, chop slices to add to your casseroles.

Stay warm and healthy.