A turn of season brings in new colours and new flavours to look out for. What’s hot on our menu? Our pick this Autumn is the Braised Aubergine Hot Pot. A delicate balance of spice, warmth and hearty aubergine to inspire the coming season for celebration.

One of the main ingredients in this dish is ginger and chillies. It produces the heat to the dish in addition to the warmth of the aubergine. Tiny pieces or ground pork and spring onions complement by adding an extra dimension of flavour.

Though Aubergine is native to many regions all over the world, the Chinese or Japanese Aubergine are quite special containing a mild flavour but a good bit of flesh. Braising the Aubergine results in a tender texture that is worth the wait whilst it cooks.

Enjoy with the bowl of steamy rice and a side of green vegetable. Healthy, delicious and heart warming are the key words to this dish. And if you are thinking of adding a glass of wine to your meal, pair it with a medium bodied wine like our sangiovese or pinot noir. Our house wine will also make a fine pairing.

Hopefully, this dish will inspire your senses and add the desired warmth to your dining experience at Naturally Chinese.


Happy Autumn!