There are a dozen or more ways to make a lemon chicken. It’s the dish I’d like to say has creative license and you might also find that various Chinese restaurants have their own variation. It may be stir fried, deep fried, glazed in lemon sauce. Even lemon sauces come in several variations.

Our chef makes it like this. If you’re a fan of KFC style chicken, wait till you get your hands on these slim nuggets. Juicy chicken breasts with a crispy golden batter – all cooked from scratch and fresh off the pan. It doesn’t finish there. It has a perfect lemon sauce to accompany. A burst of citrus zing, light and smooth. This dish is best served for one as a main or shared by two as a starter.

I was asked if there could be a variation on the lemon, making it a more citrus sauce to see what that might be like (by adding a mix of all kinds of citrus fruits  – limes, lemons, orange, even yellow grapefruit). The fact is that the lemon on its own commands a distinct flavour, and isn’t sweet. Also, Chicken and lemon simply make a fine combination universally. One of the better comfort foods you can rely on. Next time you are dining in, try the lemon chicken for a starter. It might just boost your appetite!