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Monthly Archives: July 2015


Comfort Soup


This soup boasts of its bright colour and high protein content. An instant reviver on those days of fatigue and physical work, this dish could very well make a fine healing food as it is fortified to nourish. The Chinese mustard greens with salted egg and pork has been a favourite of mine for years. At the restaurant, it is listed on our menu as a soup to share for two, although if you may have a big appetite, it might suffice for yourself alone. The recipe comes together with the right mix of flavours: marinated pork and ginger, salted egg balanced by the [...]

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A Perfect Summer Drink


If you're looking for a no fuss, chilled drink this Summer - this sparkling elderflower can make all the difference. Noticeably, we are having a hot summer and even though there've been lurking dark clouds on a few days, the mugginess can be felt in the air. And understandably, all you may want to do is put your feet up and sip on a cold drink. Here's our quick step to keep you cool this Summer. All you need is an Elderflower cordial, sparkling water, ice and lemon. For an alcoholic beverage (Elderflower Spritzer) you will have to add white wine. [...]

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Steamed Sea Bass


This beautiful slender fish makes a grand addition to any celebration. Steaming the sea bass and finishing it off with zesty ginger and spring onions keeps it true to it's Cantonese style. These ingredients are there to reaffirm the delicate flavour of the fish. At Naturally Chinese, the sea bass is a popular dish on our menu all year round. What makes it worth the experience is the freshness of the fish. The chef has to make sure it is never over cooked as the soft fleshiness is key to its success. The sizzling hot fish that comes out of the [...]

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Nature Farming


Say hello to these beauties - summer fruit that is beginning to sprout in our garden. It was an experiment using techniques of 'nature farming' as it is known. The concept was formed in Japan by Mokichi Okada -founding an agricultural system without the use of fertilizers. I've been trying to adopt this method in my gardening. The process is highly organic. It begins with trying to clear the soil of pollutants, not using tilling machines but the use of micro-organisms that can better purify the soil. Absolutely no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used. On a more holistic level, the idea [...]

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