I headed down for some fun at the Seething Freshwater Sardine Festival at Claremont Gardens. The Surbiton Food Festival gets better every year. Delicious food stalls serving some fantastic goodies. Yum Yum Chocolates in particular were splendid, and their profits are going to the earthquake victims in Nepal. As always, it’s inspiring to see all the neighbourhood businesses and individuals come together over food, and in doing so; bringing many benefits to the community.

Being part of the festival gives us a chance to demonstrate why we do what we do, and why good food is important for all of us. I recently went over to St. John’s School to share a talk with the children about the importance of eating healthy. It proved beneficial to interact with children who were interested to understand about caring for the environment, learning to get into habits of composting, knowing about the various food groups, even the fun bits about growing their own vegetables. At Naturally Chinese, it is just as important to us to bring good food to the table on a daily basis; free from additives, as fresh as possible, and thereby, adding value to the community.

Don’t miss out on the gathering at St. Andrew’s Square next weekend, where you can get to sample an array of artisanal products, freshly cooked delights right in front of you. Chef Chiu will be doing a live demonstration on the art of making dim sum. Watch him work his magic on the 10th of May at 4pm. In the meantime, have a great time this week at the Surbiton food Festival.

Happy eating!