The days leading up to the gluten free audit were hectic. It also denoted a clear shift in the way things work around the kitchen. Of course having a gluten free menu means much more is at stake as utensils need to have a coding system, foods need to be separated to prevent cross contamination, etc. Preparing for the audit was beneficial to reinforce the importance to serve those that are coeliac. It goes hand in hand with the ethos of our brand bringing healthy, fresh and No MSG Chinese cuisine to all.

All the hard work and dedication has paid off and with an affirming ‘A’ certification, we passed with flying colours — have now officially been accredited by Coeliac UK as  a ‘gluten free restaurant’. We are in fact the first Chinese restaurant in the UK to have gained a gluten free accreditation.

I am so proud of the team as I wouldn’t have be able to do it without them. Chef Chiu’s discipline in keeping a highly methodical process has made it possible for us to run the gluten free kitchen smoothly. His initial idea bringing gluten free dim sum to the mix has put a distinct spin on the restaurant and is fast gaining momentum. The effort to produce this menu was by no means easy as it has required years of mastery and creativity, but as I hold the Coeliac UK certificate in my hand, I can see how it has all come together.

Whether you are Coeliac or not, you will find that the gluten free menu is just as special and delicious.