It’s the strongest bond to reckon with indeed; the connection between mothers and their children. Being a mum is never easy but hugely rewarding. As mothers, we see our children through the eyes of unconditional love and all is forgotten once they come over to say they’re sorry. Sound familiar? And here is that one day in the year to remind children to do something to celebrate their mothers.

It is one of the busiest Sundays of the year and despite the commercialism that surrounds it, people do honour this day in a meaningful way. I think the “act” of doing something celebratory is an important part of making memories and strengthening bonds. It may be spending the whole day with the family, treating mum to tea or lunch, making a little gift like a card or a handmade trinket. It’s the small things that count, the “thought” mostly. Later down the years, it’s something we have to look back and reminisce over.

Make Mothering Sunday a memorable one, and never take it for granted. As a mum, I’m looking forward to see what my children have in store for me this Sunday. Yes, a mum really looks forward to Mother’s Day even though she may not admit it that much. Whether it be booking your lunch or dinner plans with us at Naturally Chinese, giving her a bouquet of flowers or just saying “Thank you Mum for everything you do for me” –do it.

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day. Here’s a little sneak peek inspiration.