We’re marching forward into Spring. The flowers are blooming early, even strawberries are making their appearance before time. You may have noticed my penchant for flowers. I think it’s important to have a visually appealing table when sitting down to eat which is why flower arrangements are one of the top things on my To Do List at the restaurant. Not only pleasing to the eye but they also symbolise peace, love, friendship and the list could go on. And yes, flowers are associated with a more feminine component, but justifiably so.

The tradition of celebrating Women’s Day was about honouring women for their achievements in society. On a more serious note, it was and still is to acknowledge rights and freedoms that all women should fight for. And in some cultures, it is also seen as making a woman feel more beautiful by giving her flowers. And why not? Watch how a woman moves towards beauty when you give her flowers, more beautiful that any material gift.

Just as Spring wakes up the earth to the youthfulness of a new cycle, so also is a chance for all women to start fresh. Nurturing relationships, celebrating our achievements no matter how big or small, and embracing the beauty that is closely associated with our feminine side. I think these make up the magic of womanhood. Treat a girlfriend to dim sum or tea, and gift yourself a bouquet of flowers this Women’s Day. Why? Because we deserve it, don’t we ladies?